Friday, March 27, 2009

im here now

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

one week without school is pure bliss!
thats the reason why i am up at 3.50am blogging when usually i would be chionging something or knocked out while chionging something because school would be in 4 hours' time.

had an interesting night with chew maine and wenqi crowding out my room. it was quite insane and i came close to killing them for lying on my bed in outside clothes and messing my place up. but it was cool too, just sitting around in the odd hours of the morning and talking life over. this is what it means to do life together man. through testing and through seasons in our walk with God, we share it all, go through it all, grow through it all..

i've been thinking a lot about myself and God is just speaking to me about a time of testing coming in my life. it's time for me to grow up in many areas. i'm not a youth anymore, one more year and i will be entering into the early stages of being an adult.
what do i believe in in my life?what do i live by?

i'm still thinkin' about it yo.

what i do now, what i choose, is going to define me for the rest of my life.

it would be crazy to trade this life for anything. just plain crazy. i love it too much, i love it all too much. increasingly i'm beginning to see, that despite the disappointments and discouragements, the ups and downs and the emotional rollercoaster; there is no other option in my life. this is what i want to do until i'm old and wrinkled.

yea. i'm sure of it now. this is what i want to do, there's no other option.

i'm going to grow to that level, hang on to those dreams and convictions.

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Monday, February 02, 2009

i just got back from a nice long jog around yishun.
It feels good to run again.. been such a long time man! I have concluded that the best runing parter on your ipod are The TingTings. It's quite funny running to their songs.

well, i feel super good now. if only i could find the time to do this every day.

right now i'm contemplating eating my dinner because it will just about destroy any purpose my run had. hahah.

life is sweet!
people are sweet!
had a great time shopping with jiajia & cheryl. they're so amazing... i love the shirt they bought for me. they're so amazing i really go to blog about them!
when jiajia and cheryl first stepped into church, they were just blur and didn't really care about God. they had their own problems and their own lives.
but now look at them.
one of them wants to be an usher head and a CGL. the other wants to grow hougang sec to 25 people and more, just like northbrooks.
every time i see them in their black shirts and shoes (so cute!) i cant help but feel happy.
this is what it's all about man. God changing lives of young people.

they've caught the heart of our church.
i believe they will ten times ten times better than our generation!

i was just looking through attendance and the numbers. i felt my faith leak a little but it'a alright.
because i know a new strength is coming into the cg. with quality, there will be quantity.
we will grow. i can feel it.

okays! thats enough rambling frm me today. hahas.
i still got a workplan to do and write ups to write.
time for a nice warm bath.

gdnight & gdbye.

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

photos to tell what has been happening in my life the past few months.

i am totally addicted to Augustana!
This has to be the most beautiful song ever written by someone who doesn't know God...


ok im gonna try and revive my blog.
its been pretty busy lately.. apparently the Nov-Dec rush has poured over to Jan even.
i'm excited by all the new people coming in and by how great they are. it makes my day sharing things with Oli and hanging out with Jiajia and Cheryl.. sweet. I love it. I love them.

Been pretty exciting reading my bible. I never knew how cool God's word is... and every time I open it I just get something fresh in my life. It's cool! If you're behind in BRP.. catch up soon. God really speaks to us through the bible. Can't tell you how cool it is until you experience it yourself.

Things have been happening in school... I know I'm not the biggest fan of school, but i think this term would be better than last! haha. I'm definitely gonna be more hardworking.. but I think i've grown these past few months. And I'm different every time i go back to school after a holiday. I like it that way.

God is just amazing.. in so many ways. I cant imagine doing life without Him and without great people around me.
So thankful that Zhiyi exists in my life. haha.. he's just amazing man. Never fails to impress me and encourage me.
So thankful for great leaders in life who always teach me new things, always impart something to me. It's cool just hanging around them.
So thankful for great Pastors. 'Nuff said (: Pastors need no introduction, accolades or exhortation. They are amazing just the way they are.

I really honestly believe that this generation can be changed by the love and power of God.
I really honestly believe that every life in heart of God church will become a testimony to God's power and love.
I really honestly believe our CG will grow to become strong spiritually, a CG of people with conviction, totally in love with things of God.
I really honestly believe.
I see 20 strong people.
I see people's lives changed.

You'll never know love till you know Jesus (:

oh my it 3am already.


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Thursday, January 08, 2009

its 2009 and finally i am blogging and reviving my blog from eternal decay and condemnation.

actually im just bored because SCHOOL HAS STARTED and i'm sitting in a lecture i'm sure i've heard at least 5 times before.
the fact that i slept at 5am isnt helping because i just feel like sleeping even more !

well, i really dont know what to blog because like i said, so many things happen within a short span of time i dont know where to start.
suffice to say, the past two months have been a time of growth for me... growing as a leader, as a Christians, to love people more and love God the most.
i see things differently, i Feel things differently and i do things differently.
now with the grind of school in place, it's getting harder but i believe i will grow stronger.
im determined to do well this year! and be a good student (HAHA :/)

I just want to say that i have amazing Pastors and leaders, and an amazing team around me, running with me, inspiring me and loving me
its just amazing, the flow and ethos between us.
im always so in awe of Pastors and leaders... i feel like i have so much to grow into.

ahh. i cant wait for CG outing on fri!
ikea meatballs here i come ^^

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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

I learnt some new things today, thus I shall blog. haha.

By See Ting Wei

Quote 1:
"When it's raining, everyone should go home!'
(dont ask me why, i dont know either =/)

Quote 2:
"To avoid getting stuck in crowds, you should stand still and wait for everyone to walk past you!"
(hmm..i wonder how long that will take?)

Quote 3:
"When you fall on the escalator, a mere "whoa" or "ah" is not enough. Say a very loud "WHOOOOO" and then complain about how bad your shoes are!"
(you have no idea how embarassing this was...)

Quote 4:
" BIM-BWOH is the real way to say Bimbo!"

Quote 5:
TW: "I want a burberry phone too!"
Fe: "Burberry phone....? OH. you mean blackberry."

Quote 6:
"You know the chocolate Toblerone? I pronounce it as TOH-BLEH-RON."
(oh goodness...)

Quote 7:
"Why don't we just watch the 4.30 movie so that it ends at 5.30?"
(find me one movie that's only an hour long..)

and yes chew, you may C & P this :)

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

JiaJia! : - JUNIOR BAND'08! <3 Thanks people! } (
dunt nonsense lor.
you know hor, so irritating leh.. my ahma say jj de voice like ahgua.

fedorawr 20 fo 40! Growth & strength. flying high!
cheena pok

JiaJia! : - JUNIOR BAND'08! <3 Thanks people! } (
neh you.
he cute lor..

fedorawr 20 fo 40! Growth & strength. flying high!
to a cheena pok
whats a neh?

JiaJia! : - JUNIOR BAND'08! <3 Thanks people! } (
tsk tsk tsk.
erm read as the fourth pronounciation.
from the hanyu pinyin.
lol.. you understand.

fedorawr 20 fo 40! Growth & strength. flying high!
so retarded

I wonder how many of you actually counted to the 4th sound.hahahah.
i find this really funny. maybe cos jiajia is that funny.

man, i'm so happy school is over.
now i have the luxury of more time. more time with God, more time with my people.
yesterday was a great way to start my holidays. i spent a whole day walking around orchard with Joy, talking nonsense and just sharing things. it was sweet!

after that headed to AMK to surprise Chermaine with a present. Sadly, on our way up, we met her. well it was still a surprise anyway! the look on her face was priceless. it was worth everything in the world in that second.

im happy to be back, doing what im doing and just being with people again. school was such a restriction. now im free and flying high (:
i believe greater things are yet to come. more things are to be learnt and changed.
im gonna build the foundations again. im gonna build my own foundations again.

whoa, exciting!

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Sunday, October 26, 2008

blogpost from london!
why am i blogging now? Cos I have the time and I'm excited about the photos I took.
I miss SG food man.
Ok, preview of the past few days :D
the prodigal camera returned to me...
(on a sidenote, london is amazing. i've really learned so much)

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Friday, September 26, 2008


How i love my life!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A bold colour stands out from the rest.
We make font bold to emphasize the point.
Life makes way for the bold person.
Fortune favors the bold, the brave, the courageous.
The small vision fails to motivate.
The vision that takes breath away, that'll capture attention.

Boldness is not bold unless we laugh on the edge of our nervous boundaries.
Bold is Winston Churchill standing on the rooftops of London yelling defiance to Hitler whilst bombs rained down on the city around him.

Be bold, be strong, for the Lord your God is with you! (Joshua 1:9)

-Pst Phil Pringle

well i'm finally updating!
there are so many amazing things happening i dont know where to start.
i just know, now is the crucial time, now is the turning point. either we grow and we build ourselves strong, or we don't and we go back to being mediocre again.
Faith in God is what we need, faith and success.

my heart cries for a radicalism in every single person in this church, in this zone.
back to the days of giving it all for God, of finding ways where there are none, of doing crazy things because we are crazily in love with Him.
we need that radicalism back in our hearts.

its about a generation, a new generation, a pure and holy generation.
it's about changing this generation.

God, i pray for divine opportunities.
God, i pray for growth - myself and the people around me.

it's all about the lives You're gonna change.
come on,build this dream with me. build this dream with our Pastors!

i miss ivan!!

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to be

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